Kai Vaithiyam

Kai Vaithiyam

Kai Vaithiyam or Granny therapy really do help for common problems. The tips are very simple and also cost-effective. Kai Vaithiyam is based on an idea–that India's traditional knowledge systems can provide valuable answers to solving modern problems.

Kai Vaithiyam Or Home Theraphy

We consider our self as modern and civilized. Modern life necessarily doesn't mean that we have to live with modern medicines. We all are having the culture of running to hospital for even regular occurrence like cold and cough. Cold is just a common phenomenon in our body, but in Allopathic it gets temporarily blocked inside with the help of huge antibiotics and we also end up spending 1000s from our hand. In previous generations there were herbs around the house to take care of the regular illness and all our forefathers known about the benefits of each and every herb/plant available around the house.

The information has been passed from generations to generations for very long period and we are the first generation broke that information chain!!! Kai vaithiyam is nothing but the knowledge about our own plants and Herbs which acts for the betterment of us without any side effects and of course without standing in long queues for getting admission in Hospitals and spend 1000 of Rupees from our packet.

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