Goli Gundu

Brand : NMK
Quick Overview

Kids for 7 years and above

Golli is one of the most popular Traditional Indian games played all over the India

Skill Set in Golli Gundu:-

  •      Improves concentration skills
  •      Aiming Power
  •      Teaches Good Hand Eye Co-ordination
  •      Good Exercise to  Eyes and Makes vision sharper

To Know More Details About Goli Gundu


Package Specification of Goli Gundu:-

  • 1 large Goli
  • 10 small Goli
  • Goli pouch


How to Play Goli Gundu:-

  • The objective of the game is to throw the Goli into the hole.
  • Each player contributes two Gollies. The first player throws them together aiming at the hole using one hand.
  • In those two Gollies one may fall in the hole and other outside the hole or both outside the hole. Then the co-players choose a Goli, and then the first player is asked to hit the selected Goli with another Goli that belongs to him. If he succeeds, he wins all the Gollies in the hole. If not, he gets the one with which he hit.
  • The next player takes his turn with the remaining Gollies.
  • If all the players Goli does not go into the hole at the first try then second starts, in this the players have to strike out of the way the Goli has thrown by the other boys. Or, with a gentle blow from one’s Goli, push the other Goli, so into the hole.
  • The player who ends with the largest number of marbles is the winner.