Clay Rice Pot 4.5 ltrs

Brand : NMK
Quick Overview

Color: Reddish Brown

  • Clay is naturally alkaline, it mixes with an acid quality of food ingredients thus balances the pH value.
  • The far-infrared enables a complete range of subtle flavors to emerge.
  • The Clay Pot is chemically inert, so it doesn’t alter the taste of the food, So food cooked in Clay pots taste heavenly.
  • Since all the Food items cooked in Clay pots/Stone pots possess complete mineral elements thus making the people to lead a healthy life.
  • A clay cookware is also free of heavy metals and synthetic polymers. They are non-reactive and emit a far-infrared heat which is the most effective and beneficial heat for cooking.
  • Earthenware has a porous surface, so the heat and moisture circulate in the pot while cooking, helping the food to cook better and faster.
  • Clay pots transfer uniform heat to the food, so food thoroughly cooked and all nutrients are retained.

To Know More Details About Clay Rice Pot 4.5 ltrs



  • Premium finish
  • High Durability
  • Traditionally handcrafted with no coatings
  • Highly Compatible with Gas Tops and Microwave
  • Authentic & Unique design
  • 100% Nature & Eco-Friendly

 Seasoning & Cooking Method:

  • Soak the clay pot in water for 24 Hours
  • Dry the Pot for next 24 hours
  • Hot Rice Gruel can be poured for 1 or 2 days to have a high durability of the vessel.
  • Edible Oil can be applied and half cut Onion might be rubbed on it for making the surface good.
  • Always start cooking at low flames and flame can be increased later if required.


Washing Method and Cautions:-

Regular Washing Method with a soft sponge.

Don’t pour cold water when clay pot is hot.

Don’t put Clay pots on flames immediately if it is taken out from a fridge


Package Specification: 

 Model Name

 Clay Rice Pot

 Product Size   

 11*5.5  Inches


 4.5 Ltr


 2.520 kg

 Sales Package

Handcrafted Earthenware’s

 Name of the Brand


 Country of Manufacture