Dhayakattai (Brass Dice)

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From the ancient times to the present day is a game that  Dhayakattai (Brass Dice) is widely played in India. It can be played either on the ground or on the stage until two to four.

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History of Dhayakattai (Brass Dice):

The mother did not know the details of who invented the first game of the game. However, there are references in India history. Gambling, skipper, wolves, etc. 

Saguni's betrayal of the Pandava Kings and the Panchali:

There are hints that Nalanpala has been defeated by the Kalli and lost the country.

Also, recent research has found that the munes in Mexico have also been found in the cave. To get Dhayakattai (Brass Dice) online at NattuMarunthuKadai.com

How to play Dhayakattai (Brass Dice)

Players move rolling the Dayakattai. once a player rolls a Dayam (0 on one die and one on another), he moves one amongst his items one house, rolls once more and advances his piece by the quantity indicated by the dice. The wish to maneuver all the items out of the house, Brass Dice should be rolled for every one.

Pieces advance initial on the aspect of the player and so during a right-handed direction. once a player rolls a 1, five, six, or twelve (two 0s), they get to roll once more. The numbers rolled are often distributed among the player's items (e.g., if a player rolls five, 12 and 2, they'll move one piece by twelve, move another by five, and so move an extra by a pair of. Alternately, the player may elect to possess the 3 varietys shared by solely 2 items or maybe move just one piece by the entire number rolled).

This game has eight steps.

Steps to play Dhayam Dice:

  • Roll the Dhayam Dice at your turn, if the value is 5 or 6 or 12 then you have another chance to roll the dice again. If it's 2, 3, or 4 then you have to pass the Dice to the next player.
  • At first, start when You put 1(thayam) then only you will be able to put your 1st coin at your home. After that all other coins out in the game can bring back to the game when you put 1 or 5.
  • In all plain boxes only one coin is able to stand (even also same player coin).
  • It's a War, so a player can cut another player’s coin which is not in a safe zone (not in cross box). The cut coin is out from the game. (You have a red coin in my home if a green coin is 3 cells next from your home and your dice value is three then You can cut that coin and play again) (Ref point no 2 to bring back the cut coin to the game).
  • At least a player should cut another player coin one time to enter to the next layer from the first layer.
  • Coins entered in next layer has to follow clockwise root to reach Goal and coin can be entered to goal from the same direction of your starting point.