Consumption Method




Method of consumption


Broncho Sakthi


2 box

Morning- 1 tab Evening-1 tab

(15 mins before food)

Mix with Honey and Ginger juice - Grind Ginger and take 10 ml juice , keep it in any container for 2 mins, just take the juice leaving sediments below, mix 5 ml of pure honey. Tablet has to be powdered and mixed in the mixture

Swasa Sakthi


1 box

Morning- 1 tab Evening-1 tab


(15 mins before food)


Thippili Rasanayam


1 box

Morning-2 grams Evening-2grams


(15 mins before food)


Adathodai Manapagu


3 box

Morning-10ml Evening-10ml


(15mins before food)



Foods to be taken:

Eat easily digestable foods & Vegetable soup can be given & Take more green leafy Vegetables,Ponnanganni Kerrai,Manathakkali Keerai,Sukku,Milagu,Thulasi,Clove

Food to be avoided:

Chicken, Tamarind(Pili), Bitter guard(Pagarkai), Yellow Pumpkin(Manjal Poosanikai),Banana Stem(Thandu Keerai), Hummingbird(Agathi Keerai),Siru Keerai,Horse gram (Kollu),Maitha products,Milk,Ice cream,Cools drinks,Sweets.Avoid working in areas near smoke and dust.


Can be taken along with Other Medicines like allopathy : yes

Whom to avoid: Pregnant ladies



The Siddha medicines are manufactured with compliance of all mandatory regulation of Ministry of Ayurvedic and Siddha. The Products are produced with extra care and concern.  Anyhow You are requested to consult your   Physician before consumption.