Patti Vaithiyam

Patti Vaithiyam

Patti Vaithiyam or Granny therapy really do help for common problems. The tips are very simple and also cost-effective. Patti Vaithiyam is based on an idea–that India's traditional knowledge systems can provide valuable answers to solving modern problems.

Patti Vaithiyam or Granny therapy

It was a time when our Grandfather had food, Our Grandmother used to give him a handful of betel leaves along with areca nut and slaked lime. Now our Father finishes his food Our Mother gives him handful of tablets. Believe it or not, there is at least a single person in every family who needs to consume Tablets before and after food just to live !!!. Herbs and greens were regular part of our food In Our previous generations and they were living very happy and healthy life. It is the current generation who forgot the old food culture and approaches our Pattis for simple remedies for regular diseases.

We do believe that Our Patti Vaithiyam works perfect and recovers us from diseases, We also understand that Patti Vaithiyam is nothing but the regular greens and grains from our kitchen but forget to follow the same once we recovered from illness and fell into the same junk food culture to get sick again. It is time for us to include those herbs and greens of our ancestral period to get back our health again.

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