Mara Chekku Nallennai / Wood Pressed Sesame Oil

Brand : NMK
Quick Overview

100% - Unprocessed

100% - Cold pressed

100% - Chemical free

100% - Healthy

100% - Natural

Sesame seeds grown organically and then extracted using the traditional cold-pressed method to get pure and healthy Cold Pressed Sesame Oil (Gingelly Oil) Cold press technique keeps the nutrients intact which makes the oil-rich in antioxidants and full of nutrition. For thousands of years in Indian culture, we used sesame oil for many different purposes and not just as cooking oil. Moreover In Ayurveda sesame oil is much valued for its medicinal properties. It is good for the skin, hair and melting extra fat in our body. And often it is best for massages as it penetrates deep into the skin to provide nourishment and helps relieve stress.

Quantity -  1 ltr

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Why Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil?

When Oils are heated, their molecular structure is compromised, creating carcinogenic free radicals. Oils that are heated, when ingested, can contribute to cardiovascular disease and difficulty of the blood to efficiently transport oxygen due to arteriosclerosis. Ingestion of heated oils can also contribute to acne and foul body odor.

Truly cold pressed oils will maintain their nutrient profile, their fats will remain uncorrupted, they taste amazing and they last long, as the oils have not been heated so are less likely to go rancid quickly.

Making of Wood Pressed Sesame Oil:

Fresh Sesame Seeds are Cleaned and then Sun dried. This drying process, however, seems to be important to the resulting taste and quality of the oil.These dried Sesame Seeds is then placed into a Vaagai Wood press (Vaagai Marachekku ) and pressed with Palm Jaggery ( Panai Karuppatti ).

This pressing yields oil with proteins.

These oils are allowed to “Settle” in settling tanks for 4 days.

Oil is filtered & Packed, No Refinement Process & No Preservatives added.



Nutrition Fact                                Wood Pressed Sesame Oil



Serving Size

100 grams

Energy [kcal]


Saturated Fat (g)

21 g

Mono unsaturated Fat (g)

37 g

Poly unsaturated Fat (g)

42 g

Trans Fat (g)




Sodium (g)


Protein (g)


Sugar (g)