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All Tamil Medicinal Herbs are available online for leading Healthy and Happy life.
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Welcome to NMK(Nattu Marunthu Kadai) Online, The exclusive E-commerce website dealing with Herbal Products, Siddha Medicines, Ancient Games, Heritage Products and Traditional Kitchenware Products.A one stop shop for all our herbal needs, from known names to very unknown , but all works for the same cause - Better Health.

Ancient games : A good way to teach our kids analytical, mathematical, Planning, Coordination skills, and to induce dynamic thinking, memory power etc. No wonder our forefather were excelling in all this skills before pre coaching era.

Heritage Products : Lets discover the health benefits of the products, Which took important part in lifestyle of our forefathers.

All our products are produced by economically deprived Farmers, Carpenters, Potters & Sculptors of our society. Your every purchase will give them hope.

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23 April 23
By Admin

Top 10 Siddha Products for Immunity Boosting

Siddha medicine is a traditional medical practice that has its roots in Tamil Nadu, India. It emphasizes the use of natural therapies to enhance health and wellness and is based on the principles of Ayurveda.

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11 April 23
By Admin

Can Siddha Medicine Cure Diabetes? Exploring the Evidence

Individuals with diabetes should always consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new treatments.

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02 April 23
By Admin

Siddha Products for Skin Care: The Natural Way to Radiant Skin

Siddha medicine is an ancient Indian medical system that focuses on holistic healing and natural remedies. It includes various herbs and minerals that are used for treating various ailments.

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15 March 23
By Admin

Herbs and its Use in Traditional Medicine and Culture

Herbs have been a part of traditional medicine and culture for centuries. They are used to treat various illnesses, improve general health, and even bring spiritual healing.

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