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Botanical Name            : Ocimum basilicum

English Name                : Sweet basil / Subja Seeds

Tamil Name                   : திருநீற்றுப்பச்சிலை விதை  / Pachilai Vithai

Hindi Name                   :  राम तुलसी / Ram Tulsi

Malayalam Name         : pach-cha-pushpam

Telugu Name                 : bhu-tulasi


About Sabja Plant (Sweet Basil Seeds):-

Sweet basil, with its wonderful aroma and flavor, is one of the most popular and widely grown herbs in the world. Basil is an annual herb to 2-3 ft tall with green stems (usually woody at the base) that are square in cross-section. Basil has opposite leaves, 5.1-10.2 cm long, oval, and slightly toothed. The tiny purple or white flowers are arranged in flattened whorls that encircle the stems, one whorl above another. Sweet Basil Seeds is also known as the 'Falooda seed' because it is used in the summer as a beverage buffer in the northern states.

Sabja Vithai is a herb plant that is grown in homes, as well as bunches or bunches. Pachilai Vithai is used more in cold drinks. Looks like sesame and dark.  Falooda seed is good to eat with nannary during the summer. This Sabja  seed is available in the Nattumarunthukadai

This is good medicine for sore throat, water irritation, and white vagina. It has the ability to reduce body heat and bring the body to a constant climate. So it can be used not only during the summer but also in periods of physical exertion.


Benefits of Sabja Seeds (Sweet Basil Seeds)

  • Helps in Weight Loss
  • Reduces Body Heat
  • Controls Blood Sugar Levels
  • Relieves Constipation and Bloating
  • Treats Acidity and Heartburn
  • For Healthy Skin and Hair
  • Cures Cough and Flu

1. Sabja Vithai(Sweet Bassil Seeds) for Weight loss:-

  • If you take Sweet Bassil Seeds, you will not be hungry for a long time. It may be due to fiber in it. If you do not get hungry for a long time, you can prevent weight gain. When you are in the diet to reduce weight, add these seeds.

2. Sabja Vithai(Sweet Bassil Seeds) for body heat:-

  • Generally, It is best to take the Sabja Vithai in the summer. Because it reduces body heat and keeps the body cool. So if you are suffering from too much body heat,  soak it in cool water at night and drink the next morning. This is a good result.

3. Sabja Vithai(Sweet Bassil Seeds) for Constipation:-

  • Sabja Vithai is the best medicine to get rid of constipation. Elderly people who have constipation should drink a teaspoon of Sweet Bassil Seeds in hot milk. This is also a relief for constipation during pregnancy.

4. Sabja Vithai(Sweet Bassil Seeds) for Weight loss:- 

  • Sabja Vithai seeds are good for type 2 diabetic patients. Diabetic patients can keep it in the water, add it to cold milk, and drink some drops of vanilla ezines and maintain the level of sugar in the blood. 
5. Sabja Vithai(Sweet Bassil Seeds) for Acidity:-
  • Sweet Bassil Seeds help cure problems in the stomach. If you are stuck with heartburn or acetate, soak Sabja Vithai in water at night and drink with milk the next morning without drinking tea/coffee. This is a good result.  

Procurement & Agriculture Method:

 90% of Our Herbs are Wild crops and 100% organic by nature; the remaining 10% are organically grown, dried, and pulverized with no chemical or preservatives.



 The Consumption details and benefits listed out on our website are taken from Tamil ancient books and Siddha records, as well as it has been further fine-tuned by our Siddha Doctors Team. Anyhow you are requested to consult your doctor before use.

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