Seasoned Premium Paniyara kal 10 pits

Brand : NMK
Quick Overview

The goodness of traditional stone Paniyara Kal now in convenient style and shape, the right blend of heritage with the modern trend is available for you.  Decorate your kitchen with trendy heritage kitchenwares.

The premium stone quality just assures you to finish the cooking quickly with a delicious flavor that is yet to be discovered.

Remaining all properties, seasoning and handling is just like regular Paniyara Tawa(Stone Kitchenware) only


Note: The color of the stone pot may vary since there are huge varieties in soapstone. The shape of the stone pot may vary since the stone pots are carved in hand with the available size of stones. We assure the mentioned volume only.

To Know More Details About Seasoned Premium Paniyara kal 10 pits


Benefits of the Product:

  • Heat is steadily dispersed into the utensil and uniformly transferred into food items, so nutrients of the food are preserved whereas it is destructed in modern cooking utensils.


Method of usage

  • It can be placed on the regular Gas burner flames and Micro oven
  • Once the utensil gained heat, always put the flame (Heat input) at low level till the end of cooking.



  • Seasoning is done in a traditional way.
  • Wash it with hot water
  • Wipe it completely.
  • Apply oil on the surface.



  •  For making Paniyaram, karandi omelete.


Package Specification:

Model Name

Seasoned Premium Paniyara Kal 10 pits

Dimensions (Diameter * Height)

Approx  8-10 * 1.5 inches


2 – 2.5 kg

Sales Package

Handcrafted Stoneware

Name of the Stone


Country of Manufacture